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Art in Motion

Today I got the chance to see my first Ballet. It was simply wonderful! It is like watching sculpture in motion where the forms of the bodies and costumes chased after the form of the music. I especially enjoyed the first two pieces.

The first was called "Brake The Eyes." It was an astonishing combination of dark and light. It began with in darkness with a ripple of deep music and the dancers, dressed in light colors, crossing the stage in jerking movements. Then, suddenly, the current would lead into a melodic song that sounded Baroque and the movements suddenly became fluid, gentle, and natural. The dancers cycled between these two styles numerous times. The contrast between the sharp, unnatural movements and tone against the classic song and dance was beautiful! I simply loved it. It was unnerving, yet thrilling. It reminded me of Bugaku with its sharp music and strange movements.

The second piece was called "Lilac Garden." It was written in the 1930's and had a very nostalgic, beautiful atmosphere. It told the story of a woman in love with a dashing military man, but engaged to be married to another man of high standing. Her dress was white and laced at the base, weighing it down just enough so it twirled around her legs very elegantly. She had her hair pulled back with white flowers and wore sparkling diamond earrings. She was truly an image of beauty. Her lover was dressed just like Treize Kushrenada, so I was very pleased to watch the two of them dance together. It was very bitter-sweet.

So, as you can see, I really enjoyed the Ballet! Thanks to Margaret for inviting me to go. I wouldn't have gone otherwise. I think I have a new interest now, though :)

Also this weekend, I spent 6 hours in the blazing sun setting up & testing antennas for Field Day. There was a small group of us, just enough so that we had one man per guy wire, a spotter, and a person who inserted more sections at the base of the 30 foot high poles. We took frequent breaks for water, bagels, and CW, but I was still beat after it was over! I went to bed at 9:30 pm that night.

Work also went well this week. I really enjoy my work so far. I was able to help identify factors that were adversely affecting an SQL query to our database. Some items in the DB were not showing up in the SQL report, but hopefully, with the data we found, the IT people will be able to fix the problem. I also started to look into some documents that discuss web guidelines for browsing and labeling. I'll be helping to improve the browse function of the site by recommending "best practices" for the site. I am looking forward to getting more familiar with the system and contributing to its development, but I am completely exhausted and don't want to wake up at 6:30 tomorrow. I don't know how long I can keep this up! And I still only know half of the alphabet in code... Only two weeks till Field Day...

By the way, I am also frustrated at myself for not waiting to join ARRL a little longer... Just the other day they sent me an amazing package deal on membership that included a free book on how to choose your first radio; but since I joined last week, I missed out! Eh, at least I will get the Repeater Directory free :)

Speaking of repeaters, I was able to hit the local repeater today! Yay! This is a very good sign for me.

A repeater is a radio that is located in some kind of tower or other good location. It receives signals from people on handheld, mobile, or desktop radios and then retransmits those signals again at a much more powerful strength. In order to get your signal retransmitted, though, you need to get your signal to reach the repeater. In other words, your signal needs to "hit the repeater." When my signal reached the repeater, the repeater went into action and retransmitted it out over the air over a wider range. After I let go of the mic button, I heard the sound that the repeater makes after it finishes re-transmitting a signal. I wasn't sure if my signal would be able to reach the repeater since I am in a tall building and surrounded by even taller buildings - but it did! I am very excited about this. Now I can buy a mobile radio and know that it will in fact work!

Tomorrow I have work, laundry, and I am behind in the other job. Yikes. I need to get to bed. First, though - the dishes!
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