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Not quite poetic

Cubical in the corner.
Wave hi
as people walk by.
Stretch up
and look up
at the white ceiling squares.
Ah, if only I had a window!

Desk in the corner.
Email check
message peck
another task to add to the list.
At least there are chicken and string beans this time!

A window with no balcony.
A girl with no time.
And a Friday that has just begun!

I don't know why I have been in such a randomly poetic mood lately. It's quite strange. Maybe it's my soul's way of refreshing my mind after so much critical thinking. Or perhaps the Morse code practice is having a strange side effect. You know, it does feel like you're exercising a different part of your brain when you try to teach it to recognize the sound of coded characters. At least, it does for me... Maybe I am just weird :)

Well, the work for today is done, finally. Praise the Lord! My weekend can start now at 11:30 pm. And it will start in one of the best ways I can imagine: a good night's sleep. I love sleep. And sleep is best when the following two criteria are true:
1. You just finished a hard day's work (Ecclesiastes 5:12)
2. You have something pleasant to look forward to upon waking

For me, I have bagels and antennas waiting for me. I'll get to wear my new raincoat and will get free tea. I am quite excited :) Next week is the big weekend: Field Day!

By the way, I am still loving the music by the British group Lamb. It's so rich and colorful. I just want to sit and soak it in all night. But I have to get up at 7 am...
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