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New (Slifer) manga!

Slifer House manga?!

Just think: a little girl who just thinks she lives there and dresses up in various old time costumes for each story. She wears old glasses and doesn't have a family, but seems to have some odd relationship with the house. She thinks she lives there! She sweeps with the old vacume, talks to the paintings, and scofs at the technology which has been added. She is genki and wild and cozy in the house, but is also very sensative to the house and history and can become very silent and melencholy for periods of time - she just kinda sinks into another realm!
Come on, that'd rock! :D :D I am sooo gonna do it. I am gonna sketch the costumes at work this week at the textile exhibit and get started!!!!!
WOOHOO I have a manga idea!! and maybe it'll make some publicity for Slifer House (which would make my boss SOOO proud^__________^)

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