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Rig Plan

I think the plan for my rig is complete.

Transceiver: the transmitter and receiver. This is the radio part of the radio. I'm getting a Yaesu FT-817ND. It works on all amateur bands with low power (5 Watts) and is portable for use on hiking trips or weekends home.

VHF/UHF antenna: the antenna for Very High Frequency/Ultra High Frequency - in other words, local work. I'll chat with the local hams on the repeater and participate in public service, emergency, weather, and traffic nets.

Power Supply: You can't plug the radio directly into the wall AC power. You have to convert the incoming power to a DC current first. That's what the Astron does. The Astron weighs a lot... I think it has a transformer inside. I'm borrowing this for a while till I get started - or till my mentor needs it back for his own rig!

Coax cable to tuner: This is what I made at WN3R's house! It will be put to good use.

Antenna tuner: will be used to tune to different bands. With work on the HF bands, you need to either change the length of the antenna for each band, or else buy a tuner. There's 10 HF bands to choose from. I will be able to receive on most, but only transmit on two of them. That's ok, though, since half the bands are closed most of the time these days. We are at a terrible low in the sunspot cycle. 'No sunspots' means 'no good conditions' for HF radio wave propagation.

HF antenna: the antenna for High Frequency - in other words, long distance contacts. HF radio waves can bounce back and forth between the atmosphere and the surface of the ocean/earth all the way around the world. This is where I get to use CW. The antenna is cut for operation on the 40 meter band. It will be hung up near/around the window.

Counterpoise: this is the other part of the antenna system that gives the antenna the boost it needs to work efficiently. It will be made of speaker wire (double-strand for phono rather than mono) with one of the two wires cut for 40 m and the other cut for 20 m. These will run along the floor.

Mic: I'll need it for FM operation on the repeaters on VHF/UHF, but whether or not I will use it to operate SSB on HF remains to be seen!

Key: Quite possibly the best part of the rig. That's the Bencher paddle! Viewed from above.

I still need to get confirmation on how the antenna wire will connect to the back of the tuner, but once I find out, I'll be able to place an order, I think :) The radio and tuner will come from a ham store, while the wire comes from our friend Radio Shack down the street. And they gave me weird looks the last time when I went in for 9V batteries and a stereo adapter plug! What will they say this time :p

Btw, the picture is made with MS Paint and a lot of zooming. I knew MS Paint would be good for something someday!

Photos of the real parts of the rig will come later once I have them in my possession. Until then...
Tags: ham radio, radio equipment

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