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Communication notes

My home amateur radio club finally added me and my call sign to the club webpage! :)

Maybe I will be able to talk to them someday soon from here... That's the club antenna array at the clubhouse (railroad car) in the icon. It is a lot bigger than it looks. It's quite impressive to stand under it and watch it rotate. Still, based on Field Day experience, it may not possible to get in touch with Central PA from here. On FD, the signals were bouncing over PA and landing in Massachusetts. The same thing happened at EmComm day in Allenwood. We had an easier time reaching the Mid-Cars net than the East-Cars net. It's just the way the signals are traveling. We'll see, we'll see.

First, I need to learn CW. CW is the most efficient type of radio signal because the only modulation that is applied to the radio wave is "on" or "off". Thus, it's much easier to communicate with CW than voice when conditions are icky. And working with QRP (low power) here means that conditions will be perpetually challenging.

Code 10 wpm at 20 wpm Farnsworth is going better. I'm able to do less thinking and more recognizing. I think the brain synapses are doing their work! I can copy in the 80-88% range now, I think. I haven't practiced yet today because I have been too busy working.
Tags: cw, ham radio

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