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Ham radio timeline

First ham radio meeting:February 19
Began studying Technician class manual:February 20
First net experience:March 5
Began thinking like a ham:March 23
Began studying General class manual:March 25
Ready to take the Technician exam:April 1
First VHF contact:April 8
First antenna build/EmComm/HF net event:May 14
Ready to take the General exam:May 20
Passed Technician and General exams:May 28
Got call sign:June 2
First ham radio meeting in MD:June 4
Started studying CW:June 9
First Field Day prep work:June 14-15
First Field Day:June 28-29
Learned Morse code alphabet:July 6
First QST issue arrives:July 11
First DX ("distant" contact) experience:July 12
Copying code at 7 wpm/20 wpm Farnsworth:July 16
First public service event:July 19
Copying code at 10 wpm/20 wpm Farnsworth:July 20
Copying code at 13 wpm/20 wpm Farnsworth:August 5
Tags: cw, ham radio

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