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The baseball game was FB!*

My friend Bill and I got there just in time to grab some hot dogs and drinks and then find our way to our seats before the first pitch. We were located pretty high up above third base - a little too far to try and catch any stray balls... Let me just add here that the kid who sang the National Anthem was incredible! I don't think I ever heard such a nice rendition before :)

The game started off nicely as the home team scored some points, er, I mean, runs. But by the second inning, they were trailing... And they were trailing for the next hour! Around the 6th inning, I told Bill that I wasn't sure if the Nats could win at this rate. The crowd was also not all that excited early on. Some people seemed more interested in watching the storm grow out over the water than they were in cheering for the team. Come on, we have to root for the home team, like the song says!

The turning point came after the 7th inning stretch. Singing Take me out to the Ballgame got our blood moving and after that everyone was all excited about the game. We were all cheering and clapping. Suddenly, the Nationals hit the ball and a man comes into home - wooo! And then, two more! Everyone was getting noisy by this point :D Turns out that the Nationals won the game with 10 runs over the Cincinnati Reds' 6 runs. Hurrah, what a great finish!

So my first professional baseball experience was a blast. Now I know why people enjoy going so much. I am looking forward to going again :D My thanks to Bill for convincing me to go and introducing me to a great American pastime!

In radio news, I ordered some blank Radiograms, a large chart of the amateur frequencies, and a map of the US. Next on the list is paper for printing my QSL cards. I think my design is finally complete... I can't wait to make my first HF contact with my own call sign, my own rig, and then follow it up with my own QSL card!

I think my room is soon going to be full of antennas! Currently, there is the small loop antenna for the AM radio, the rabbit ears and loop for the TV, and the parts for the HF antenna which arrived from Radio Shack last week. Then, Tom managed to get a hold of a J-Pole antenna for me for 2 meters, and he'll be dropping it by sometime next week. With the J-Pole, I will have no excuse for not checking into the Tuesday night EmComm net!

During my 15 minute breaks at work, I am working on a new website project that would serve as an introduction to Morse code as it exists within the world of ham radio. I have a lot of ideas for it, but I still need to do some research to make sure I am not reinventing the wheel. Still, when I was looking into all of this, I never quite found one source of basic, plain-English information that told me how exactly CW fit into amateur radio and what it was all about. That is my latest project. That and Morse Runner. I was doing well tonight until some guy with a weird call threw off my rhythm. No!

I must continue my training... I am not a jedi yet :P

*FB: CW for 'great' - literally the abbreviation for 'fine business'
Tags: cw, friends, radio equipment

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