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CW update

Morse Runner practice is going better. I am getting more calls on the first try without having to ask the stations to repeat themselves. Then, I've begun practice copying news headlines at 15 wpm, 20 wpm Farnsworth. 15 wpm! I am getting closer to my goal! I can hardly believe that I can actually follow along at that speed. A few weeks ago that seemed impossible.

Sending practice is also going pretty well, but my fingers are taking some time to get the hang of it. I think sending reinforces the sound of the characters in a way that really helps my copying, though. I'm getting more comfortable differentiating similar characters like "h" and "5" without counting :P (di-di-di-dit and di-di-di-di-dit). I want to practice more, but I am too sleepy to concentrate at the moment. Hopefully I will get some more time to practice tomorrow. I got a little tied up on the metro today and lost some of my precious free time. The Red line always seems to have delays...
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