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Well...I guess it may just be so!

Three weeks ago was the IARU contest. (Was it really that long ago?)

On the way home from the contest, I was chatting with NG3K, my Elmer ('mentor') and the one who was driving, about the plans for my radio. Rather suddenly, I piped up in a bold voice: "I should wait to buy the radio until I know the code." My reasoning was that if I did so, I would be more motivated to practice. Still, it was one of those things that I thought twice about only after I said it. Until I learn the code...that could be a long time from now...

Well, impatience got the better of me about a week and a half later. I ordered the Yaesu. But now it has been two weeks and it has still not been sent. It was on back-order. It looks like I may just learn the code before I get the rig, after all! In a way, that is inconvenient because I am impatient and want to get on the air. On the other hand, that is awesome, because it might mean that I am close to being ready to operate CW on the air, at least some simple S&P here and there. Really, I am not sure what to think!
Tags: cw, radio equipment

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