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First glimpse of my first radio

Yesterday Bill NG3K brought my radio over. It was in a very large box, but it wasn't nearly as heavy as the power supply had been that other time. I scurried back upstairs with it. Since we won't be able to get the antenna up and tuned for a few days, Bill tested it at his house to make sure that nothing was damaged or defective. Everything looked OK, and I was so relieved.

I gingerly cut the tape off the box and opened it up... The first thing I see is the top of the Yaesu radio box. Oh, I was so excited that I just started laughing. Then, there was the logbook and the tuner and even a nifty orange bag from the store. It has been such a long year (really a long few years), and I was so happy that I have to admit I got a little teary eyed. Getting some tissues, I came back and started unpacking each box. First, the radio. And all the accessories were in their place. I found some odds and ends that I didn't expect, like a ferrite choke to cut on interference in certain situations. Also, I got a map of the world with the call sign prefixes of all the countries marked. I have it hanging next to my map of the US from ARRL. After I had poked at all the radio accessories, I unboxed the tuner. By this time, I had a whole bunch of boxes, bags, and components sitting on the floor all around me. It was like Christmas!

The radio is a lot smaller than the antenna tuner, as you can see in the photo. It's also very light - just 2 pounds. I set it on top the tuner on the desk and stood back looking at the set-up, quite satisfied. for power... It can run off batteries or a battery pack, but the batteries were not included and the battery pack was in the box rather than in the radio. So, that left me with the power supply. I found the wire that goes from the PS to the radio and sat down with it and the manual. Were I to connect the wrong end of the wire to the wrong post on the back of the power supply, I would fry the radio and that is not under warranty. I was quite terrified! I double-checked and triple-checked that I had the right color to the right terminal, and then I checked that the connection was snug enough. Finally, I switched the power on... And then...the radio...

It lit up with the blue display telling me that I was on 40 meters. It works!

I spent the rest of the evening poking at the buttons, changing the frequency and mode, and scanning for signals. I just have the antenna from the box, which is for 6 meters and VHF/UHF. I scanned 6m to see if any magic was happening there (they call it the magic band), but it wasn't open. That's ok! I got on VHF and found KV3B, the repeater. Somehow, despite the lack of activity, just the act of tuning around the amateur bands with my very own radio was whole-heartedly satisfying. Once the antenna is up and I can hear people, it will be even better :D
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