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College is cancelled. Doesn't that have an illogical ring to it?

Umm..I walked to the end of the hall, and all was quiet. I looked out the window as I heard that distinct sound - rain. I went back to the room and got my umbrella. Then I trudged downstairs to find a sign on the door. No classes till 10. But I was like: I don't really trust it, and I am up and dressed anyway so...
Outside I went. No kidding but the entire sidewalks were ice. In order to stay from sliding all over, on the way back me and Dave (who was also checking for sure if class was on) walked in the snowbank. There were a few people who showed up, but classes were cancelled till 10.
I got back "home" to my dorm and all the people were like no class at all. I was like, no till 10. They said, Megan, College is cancelled, I heard them decide it this morning. I fell on the ground and Thanked God - literally. Then, Jon from lab came and told me - NO LAB! I was like O my word..but I am sure we will have it sometime, beep it! I hope not, but I hate it so much and know better than to hope too much.
So. No classes today. Servo is about the only thing open, but it is looking like an oodles-of-noodles day to me. I am so freaked out about chem and chem lab....YARG! AAAAAA. I should work on my Jpn 150 Paper, but I am gonna be lazy and play Zelda. Maybe I shall beat it?
Yukiame desu yo.
Tags: food, games, prayer, schoolwork, weather

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