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Portable and pack-up-able

Perhaps the best thing about my station is the fact that I can disassemble it in about 5 minutes.

Hmm, the desk is empty. Where did all that stuff go?

Safe out of the way for now. See the 35-foot long antenna? It's just a plain old wire bundled up with a rubber band for the moment. That wire picked up CW signals from FL, TN, and IL so far. It can't wait until Saturday when it will be completed.

Astron and J-Pole are content for the moment. Since everything is now hooked up with Anderson powerpole ends, it's quick and easy to hook everything up. The hardest part of all was lugging the 35 pound battery across the room! I think this was a good exercise to see if I understand the way that the station equipment fits together and a test to see if I could disconnect and pack the equipment for transport. It seems to have gone OK.
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