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Wireless routers, Wine, logging

Last night I got my replacement wireless router set up. Even with walk-through diagrams, I messed up the installation and had to call tech support. They were great, though, and we got it fixed quite smoothly.

I then proceeded to install Wine onto my laptop. I had trouble figuring out exactly what I was doing, but I found the most recent stable download and got it running. I tested MorseRunner in it and it seemed to work decently. There's some slight glitchiness to the experience (for example, I can't select a different type of exercise from the button dropdown in the main screen, but I can from the menu at the top) but otherwise, all the functions work properly. The function keys send the code as usual and the trigger to auto-fill the RST field upon hitting enter also worked. Considering the situation, I call that successful. The real test will come when I attempt to install logging software for contests.

The problem is that contest logging software is primarily written for Windows, and though I have Windows XP on the desktop, I don't want to drag the tower and CRT monitor home for the PA QSO Party. Now that I have Wine, I'm hoping that it will run the State QSO Party software developed by N3FJP.

For general logging, I am looking at other software: Aether, a program developed natively for mac, and jLog, a Java program that would run on both the laptop and desktop. I need to explore them both further to see how they interface with online databases such as LotW.

I must say, I feel like I am back in LBSC 794 Principles of Software Evaluation! Maybe I will have to draw up some evaluation forms for amateur radio software. I wonder if those checklists would be 50+ pages long like my checklist for Photoshop was...

In other news, work tonight, radio tomorrow, and my brother is moving back to college today. I'm hoping it goes smoothly! He's taking a course in OS design this semester, which sounds very interesting. I wish I knew more about how they worked. Maybe I would better understand how my computer works... or, then again, maybe not.
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