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My first CW QSO

I made my first CW contact this morning! :D I am so thrilled that I don't know what to do with myself.

Bill and I arranged to meet on 15 meters at 9 am, but I could barely hear his signal and he was running 30W from only a few miles away... Not good. We tried 40 meters. I couldn't hear anything in the midst of all the noise. That left us with only one band - 20 meters. I think we both panicked at that point. But we tuned up and were able to hear one other. *Sigh of relief* That was that, we got off the phone and Bill called on the air.

Since it was the first time I ever sent a message in code to anyone, I was quite terrified! My palms got really sweaty and I kept hitting the wrong paddle on the Bencher. But it went fine and bit by bit I sent and then received and the conversation continued. I got rather confused at the end, but we got that cleared up, too. After it was done and I realized what I had been able to do, I suddenly became eager to get on the air and try again! But, alas, I have work to do all day today.

I think that I will call tomorrow a holiday (it is Labor Day), take a break from work, and try to make some more contacts... While yesterday I could hardly gather the courage to get on the air, now I am not sure that I can be kept off the air :D
Tags: cw, ham radio

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