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CW on 20 meters

My CW is improving thanks to regularly scheduled evening meetings on 14.053 MHz.

It definitely feels easier to do and apparently it sounds better, too. I went for a little while tonight without making any mistakes, and those that I did make, I corrected more cleanly. But towards the end as I got kind of drowsy, I missed something important that I was trying to copy and got a bit flustered. I don't send or receive code well at all when I am nervous. I kind of freeze up - looking at my copied notes, then at the key, then at the notes... But as long as I am sitting back enjoying myself, it comes just fine, HI (laugh).

CW is really very enjoyable. All that time I spent studying and practicing the code was worth it. I guess I can now honestly call myself a CW operator :) I'm just a beginner, but I am working CW! I had no idea it would go this well. I've only been on the air four times, but I think I am doing much better than I was on Sunday.

It also helps to run the CW filter and adjust some of the receiver settings. I got the Collins filter on Tuesday and installed it myself. That's quite a feat considering how tiny and fragile the inside of the radio is. You should see the schematic diagrams... They are fold-out pages that are the size of posters and the symbols are so tiny you can hardly see them. Really, though, all I had to do was pop the filter down into place on the circuit board much the same way as one would insert additional RAM into a computer. It was just a whole lot smaller than a RAM stick for a computer.

I love my little Yaesu rig.

I'm starting to get the hang of the menu, but I don't have it down quite yet... Earlier today I went to activate the filter but I was in the wrong menu and accidentally told the internal keyer to activate instead. The radio beeped at me till I hit the button to stop! They external keyer was already connected and running - lol, whoops. Guess I will get the hang of all the bells and whistles with a little more time and patience.
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