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New and different daily things

Today was different. I took a long conference call over my lunch break and commenced QSL card production after dinner. The Word template for the cards was being a hassle until I learned that if you hold Alt + click and drag the mouse, the image will move more precisely than it would otherwise. Even after that, I had some frustrations getting things to line up, but I think I have it now.

During this evening's CW QSO I learned some new Q-signals and got a refresher on the one from Monday that I forgot - oh no! I also got my homework assignment for next week: work a new station. Both Dave and Bill will be waiting to hear my report, so I better make it a good QSO! I sure hope band conditions will be cooperative. At least there were no terribly loud interruptions this evening during the contact. With the filter running and the noise blanker on, it was pretty nice.

Ok, I must do some work before the day is through.
Tags: cw, ham radio, work

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