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QRM? and Portability

Today's CW meeting was...exciting. It was the first time that I experienced another station trying to talk on the same frequency as me. Apparently, the other station couldn't hear my weak signal and so he started sending code. He didn't hear me, but boy, I sure heard him. I was rather startled! All of a sudden I hear some pretty loud code that wasn't mine and it wasn't Bill's... I didn't know what to do! I guess in that case you just politely notify the other station that you are already using the frequency and hope they will be polite in return and look for another frequency to use. And the other station did leave, enabling us to finish the conversation. Before that happened, we heard somebody poking at a key or tuning or something, but he didn't answer when we asked him. Whew, what a wild morning. I guess it's true when they say that the bands fill up with CW signals on the weekends!

Well, my radio may take a trip across the county tomorrow. I'll be volunteering in a race and I may use my new radio for the event. I've been getting it ready. I had to fill it with batteries, connect the VHF antenna, and attach the shoulder strap. I slung it over my shoulder to test it and it feels pretty nice! Hey, I could get use to this portable rig... I'll never want to leave home without it again!
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