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Portable radio

Today was the first time that I took my radio outside for operation in the field. I was pleasantly surprised by the comfortable shoulder strap and the accessibility of the buttons. I learned why the VFO dial is different for VHF. It's due to the fact that the big VFO dial for HF got spun every which way as it rubbed against my side when walking. The VHF/UHF dial clicks from setting to setting, and so it was not disturbed. I was also surprised by how well it did on an alternate supply of power. It ran off AA batteries today and seemed to do just fine. It's an astonishing little thing, this radio.

I must admit that it was quite thrilling to be walking about with my very own radio strapped over my shoulder. It was also weird to think that the same rig that lets me operate 20 meter CW also let me pass traffic for the public service event over the local repeater. I have my feet in two different worlds; and similarly, the radio has its dual VFOs split between the two.

I really want to take the radio on a hiking trip now, especially with fall approaching. That would be lovely.

In the meantime, here's what my apartment station looks like now. The shelf has made a big improvement. On the shelf from left to right are: the antenna tuner, radio, and keyer. The key is below the shelf and the power supply is in the back corner now. The colorful chart on the desk reminds me which frequencies I am licensed to operate on.

Tags: emcomm, radio equipment

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