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Big weekend plans

I'm taking a few days off next week for the first time in a long time. Here are my plans, though not necessarily in order:

1. Visit my grandparents in PA
2. Visit my brother in NY
3. Visit my church family in PA
4. See an Amerks hockey game (my first hockey game!)
5. See Bill Nye speak at RIT's Brick City (yay!)
6. Celebrate my brother's 21st birthday (with Guinness?)
7. Stop in at the hospital to get blood work taken and tested for my family doctor so I can get my thyroid prescription refilled
8. Set up my dipole antenna and work some stations in the PA QSO Party with the Yaesu FT-817nd and the Bencher BY-1 (I want to win the highest score in the new participants category...)

This weekend I am trying to get caught up on work so I can take off from both jobs during that time. I am taking some time tomorrow to go to a hamfest with my neighbor, Cal K4JSI. A hamfest is something like a flea market with ham radio equipment and other electronics and computer parts. I'm hoping to pick up some coax jumpers there. I'm also hoping they have some fun equipment that I can poke at. If not, well, at least it will be nice to get away from the computer screen and see some other hams.

So far this weekend, I did do one productive thing. I caught up on sleep. Went to bed about 9pm last night and didn't wake up till 9am! I feel so much better. I skipped out on lunch today since I was working, but I plan to make up for that with a special trip to Fuddruckers this evening. It's been ages since I've been to one.
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