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The fun commute, the fun weekend

I had the best metro ride into town today. Our train driver and announcer sounded like he came straight from a classic radio drama or a sportscasting booth. He was so enthusiastic! I learned safety tips that I never heard before and was reminded to be courteous to the people with small kids. "This is your Red Line train toooo Grosvenor!" You could see the people on the train trying to hold back smiles so they didn't look silly surrounded by all the serious faces.

Also entertaining were the buses with bright ads for Capitals hockey. I'm going to have to see a Capitals game someday while I am here...

In other news, I am getting things ready for the November Sweepstakes next weekend. I got my software configured and printed out guidelines on the exchange. I've also been practicing my code. I turned the speed of the practice sessions up just a little since the patterns of the letters are easier to recognize that way. Of course, it also means that everything is faster, but it's going decently. Practice, practice, practice. I need to get on the air again, but I first need to put a fuse in line with the back-up battery. I just received it in the mail and have yet to install it. This won't be hard, but it means taking the time to rearrange my power leads.
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