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Avoiding hw...could sink into a nap at any time

My Tea Ceremony Report is nearly finished. I am avoiding it. And I have sorta studied for bio the past few nights, so I am avoiding that too. I did not even try to march my body over to the Science Center at the time I would have had chemistry lab. I gave up. No lab for me. I have been doing little bits of work between Zelda for Gameboy, checking for emailed updates about chem (which have not come), and wandering online...I took the X Couple Test, and assumed I would get KotorixKamui since I have been getting all these boring answers to online tests - but I actually got SubaruxSeishirou! Yay - my favorites!! ^^ I was pleased. I took the X Character test then and got Satsuki. I am too lazy to work...can you tell?
I am impatiently awaiting an updated SSN from Audrey-san.
Mom and Matt are wrapping my X-Mas gifts which have arrived via post. yarg, I wanna know what they are
I am fed up with evolutionary theories on the Homo sapien origins. I just don't care. And It doesn't feel right.
Yuki(o) and Keiko have been on my mind for the past few weeks, but I have not drawn anything significant pertaining to them. I cannot wait till next Friday!!!! I can go home - and finals are OVER!
I wanna shoot up some RFII bots...and steal their dirty little blue flag teeheelol. o.O fire!! fire!!! run! don't let them take the flag! blast. *ouch*
-you are dead-

Tags: drawing, faith, games, manga, schoolwork, stories
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