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A little rain

I don't remember the weather saying anything about rain today. I was quite surprised when I looked out the window at around 2 pm and saw the sky dark and the road wet.

Thankfully, it was only a light drizzle by the time work was over. It still made me feel pretty stupid walking down the sidewalk while everyone else had umbrellas or hats or both. I am a big fan of hats and I almost always have an extra umbrella on hand. (I did have a flashlight...power outage preparedness score +1; rain preparedness score -1)

Well, at least I had a warm apartment waiting for me. It's always a nice feeling to come in from the rain or snow and warm up with some hot chocolate, dry clothes, and a heavy blanket. With this in mind, I didn't mind soaking in a couple extra raindrops along the way.

Since arriving home, I've been taking it easy. I want to fend off the germs that are in the air these days. By now, though, I suppose it is time for me to start work for the evening. Perhaps I need an incentive to do my work, too. Not sure what that would be, though. Maybe I can start saving up money for a future DXpedition? The only question is...where? That would be too hard to decide.
Tags: weather, work

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