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I have one more post for this morning - I meant to write it on Tuesday, but I got busy. This is the sort of thing that happens as a working person. Well, that happens to me, at least.

It's been two weeks since anyone came to get the garbage for my office space. We keep calling, and people have come to see where we sit, but no one ever comes to take the garbage. My garbage can is beginning to overflow...

I get up and peek around the corner of the cubical. My co-worker hasn't had her garbage taken out recently, either. We chat about it and she calls them again. Maybe this time we will see results?

Or maybe not.

Early in the afternoon I am feeling the drag. Need caffeine. So I lock up the computer and head off with a hand-full of quarters to the vending machine down the hall and around the corner in the yellow corridor. As I pass the elevators, I see a fellow rolling a garbage can pass me.

"I sure wish he'd come take our garbage," I think sadly as I pass him.

Two steps past him, I pause. A man standing near the elevators looks at me strangely as I stand in the middle of the hall motionless.

Suddenly, I turn on my heels and begin chasing after the man with the rolling garbage can as he approaches our office space. Indeed, he surely must have come for our garbage!

I find him looking around the cubical space, but my co-worker is at lunch and I was off to find soda. I flag him down with a friendly hello (and probably a pleading look in my eyes). He was wondering who had called, so I point at my garbage can and he quickly empties it for me. I then direct him to my co-workers offices and cubicals so their garbage will also be removed. Hurrah! Victory is won. For this week, at least. All the other girls in my office were equally pleased, but not hopeful of change. Only time will tell.
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