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The crescendo

These days, I can feel the crescendo as the moments grow in volume and speed, richness and fullness. They are building up toward a great harmony of song as the billowing of storm clouds in summer.

The various instruments in the orchestra have each had their parts. At times, one would increase in strength and seem to overtake the rest. Suddenly, though, it would fall back and fade into the melody of the ensemble. Now, however, it is as though all the elements were growing together in a great chorus. All of the pieces to this mysterious puzzle seem to be fitting into place together now.

My part-time position was originally going to end last week, but it remains in full force. Even so, the end of my part in it is in fact drawing near. The actual workload has not been too heavy this past year, but the burden of the responsibility has been very taxing.

In addition, my CW training is going well. I've hit 20 wpm and already gone past that. It isn't a foreign sound to my ears anymore. It's becoming quite familiar and it is just a matter of time and continued practice before my speed picks up even more. Learning CW has been a goal of mine since I heard about it in the autumn months of 2005 after I had returned from Japan and was living in the converted-porch-room of a Civil War house off-campus. It was something I mused about as I rode my bicycle through the battlefield, stopping to take photos and write poetry.

I may also have a new home. I have a friend who lives in a studio apartment in the same building as me, and we would both like to save on rent each month. We are in the process of exploring the possibility of moving into a shared apartment on 10th floor. Cooking for two is more efficient than cooking for one and we could share all our latest adventures over bread and milk. It would be a lovely arrangement, if it all works out.

A new home for me means a new home for my rig. The 10th floor apartment has a balcony... I may actually be able to successfully contact a lot of people from such a location. Then I would really get to practice my CW, get to know my fellow hams in the hobby, and pounce on some folks in the next contest. This would be like a dream come true.

Finally, I may have a new job. My current full-time job is scheduled to end April 4, 2009, but next week I will start spending some of my time working with a new department. I may find opportunities to stay here past April of next year. In the meantime, the work sounds fascinating and very fun. I can hardly wait to get started.

But the song doesn't end there.

Three years ago when I was living in Japan I learned Japanese Braille and ever since then I have been eager to learn English Braille well enough to transcribe documents for people to use. It's been in the back of my mind since then. In just the past three weeks, I have made friends with many blind hams all over the world and have started learning about the technologies they use to do their work. Last Monday I went through the screen reader basics and tutorial. The day after that, I got a surprise email from Japan. It was the first time that I had heard from my host mother in a year or more. Out of the blue, she had a request from the woman who taught me Braille. She wondered if I could send her a copy of the translation that I made of her book back in 2005. Come to think on it, the semester I translated this book was the same as the one where I first heard about ham radio and CW...

I feel that this is only the beginning of something much bigger, clearer, and purposeful. The crescendo is not something I could have orchestrated myself, but I think that soon I will understand it.
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