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QSL from PA QSO Party

Thanksgiving was also nice because I got my 5th QSL card from the PA QSO Party. My desk is starting to look really nice with all these QSLs. Thanks to all who sent me a card :)

Of the 5 QSL cards I received, 3 are from blind hams. That surely seems like more than a coincidence to me!

I need to call some people about the Braille transcribing program for next year. And once the part time job ends, I need to start studying for that Extra class license. I also can't wait to start planning for QRP/contest outings next year. I now have a very nice jackite that is begging to be put to use. I still need to find myself a light, portable paddle... I have been eying small power supplies on ebay and dreaming about that Bencher hex key, but I am currently saving up money in the hopes of paying off my graduate school loan. I'm getting pretty close.

As for tonight, I am off to a make-up session for the Winter Weather SkyWarn class.
Tags: braille, ham radio

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