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Catch up

Just a quick update-
  • I worked a lot more than usual last week, so the days have been long.

  • I got my SkyWarn spotter ID so now I can report in to the nets with weather reports. (It sure would be nice if I had a balcony and could put up an anemometer in addition to an outdoor antenna^^)

  • I got a box of goodies from my friend Eric for Christmas. He equipped me with a supplemental study guide for the Extra class and all sorts of things to enjoy QRP :) He is so thoughtful and kind! I can hardly wait to get into everything...

  • It was 20-some degrees on Monday, but today it is 60-some degrees. I sure am confused, but I will take the warmth when I can get it. Walking 30 minutes in the cold to and then from work can be rough, especially when the wind is blowing.

  • They finished building the Capitol Visitor Center, so now I can walk to work without fear of being run over by large machinery. Whew.

Off I go to work!

Tags: emcomm, holiday, weather, work

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