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Settling back in

I'm settling back into Silver Spring.

This morning I ran some errands in town. Since the weather was nice (45 degrees, sunny, not windy) I took a walk around the block. I stopped by the Silver Spring branch of the Columbia Lighthouse to find out where it was. It's near the large Art Deco building I pass on the way to and from work everyday.

Getting back to the room, I registered my new address with all the accounts I could think of. I am sure that I am missing some, but the post office will catch the ones I missed.

I've spent the afternoon reading a monograph about Orientation and Mobility Instructors (the people who help the Blind learn how to travel independently with a white cane). I also started reviewing my practice assignments for the second chapter of the braille transcriber course. There's a transcriber's slate in the mail on its way here, but I believe it is shipping by way of UPS, so I won't receive it today. I am so excited... My friend is also sending a book about the white cane and some handy reference charts for literary, math, and computer braille codes. Neat!

Speaking of braille, my icon says "I love braille".
For those of you who are curious, the first cell is the capital marker, the second is the letter "i". The lower three cells are the letters "brl" which is the abbreviated form of the word "braille".

I still have to balance the checkbook, tidy up the desk, and look over the 100 workshops at the upcoming CTEVH conference to see what will be going on. I am hoping to get out to CA for the conference this spring if everything works out. I know they have a workshop to discuss career opportunities for transcribers, and I am curious about that one in particular. The workshops in tactile graphics look really fun too!

Well, I had better get back to my lessons.
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