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Weekend activity

Today's activities included such things as:
  • type up the minutes from the last conference call
  • update and correct the taxonomy documentation
  • catch up on work email
  • organize the ham shack
  • practice CW sending and copying
  • review braille drill 7
  • complete braille homework assignment 2
  • file ham radio papers
  • research Orientation and Mobility instruction

The day also included a raspberry chocolate candy that was marvelous! Life can be so sweet :) The CW and braille were also very fun.

I think I am going to try to start winding down for the day so I can get to bed in decent time. Staying up late the past few days has really confused my internal clock! So I shall shut down the computer and curl up with a braille magazine. I am still trying to teach my fingers to read those dots. They are getting better at it, but I still read one letter at a time.

I am sure you all have heard, but today is the 200th anniversary of the birth of Louis Braille. Happy Birthday Mr. Braille!
Tags: braille, cw, weekend, work

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