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Saturday morning

So far, it's been an interesting morning.

Slept in till 9:00 - a good start!

Then I burned in the songs from one of my CDs from Christmas to my macbook. While waiting for it, I turned on the radio to see what was happening. I caught the end of a QSO between a K4 and a K9 station on 40 meters down in the low portion of the band. This may not sound special, but for me it was. I rarely ever heard both sides of a QSO from my old room. I only ever got one side of the conversation. Perhaps this was a random thing, but I hope it is a good sign of things to come!

Now the CD is burned and so I am giving it a listen. As I expected, it's really nice. Chimera by Delerium came out about 5 years ago after their album Poem. It has a lighter feel to it than Poem and Karma, which is very deep in tone. Delerium's songs are like paintings in sound - strokes of musical themes paint across a background of pleasantly colored melodies with subtle and bold highlights of vocals.

Oh, it's the original edit of Truly! I have the remix album, but never heard the original... Oh, it's good XD

This morning I will soon be headed off to a QRP lunch get-together. Upon returning, I plan to finish braille lesson number 4. It will take a few hours to do all the drills and proofread them. I got a another batch of braille magazines in the mail yesterday, which was a surprise! They shipped a lot faster than they did over the holidays and took less than one week. I was impressed. I'm getting these from my friend Eric after he finishes reading them. I can see why he doesn't mind sending them to me -- they take over all the shelf space in no time!! I now have the December 2008 issues of the Braille Forum and Braille Monitor, the November 2006 issue of Popular Communications, and the January 2009 issue of Matilda Ziegler. Now, I just have to learn the contractions so I can read them...
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