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Braille progress

Braille transcription chapter 4 is submitted. If it passes inspection, I'll be moving on to the next chapter.

Chapter four dealt with two types of contractions: the alphabetical contractions and the contractions for "and," "for," "of," "the," and "with."

The first contractions use a single alphabetical letter in place of a longer word. For example, if the letter "l" is brailled alone, it stands for the word "like". If "t" is alone, it stands for the word "that". So the sentence "I like that food" would be brailled "I l t food." Doing this would save 6 braille cells.

The second contractions also take up one cell each, but use a unique set of dots to represent the words. These braille contractions are also used when the letters "and," "for," "of," "the," and "with" appear within a longer word. For example, the word "candy" would be brailled with the letter "c" the contraction for "and" and then the letter "y". It would take up 3 braille cells instead of 5.

Whew, all that work has made me sleepy.
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