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Balcony exeriments and shack work

I took my 33 foot long wire and counterpoise out to the balcony last night. Yes, I was standing out there in the 20 degree temperatures playing with wires.

There's a lot less noise on 20 and 40 meters with the wire outside. Today I was listening up and down the bands and I heard a guy in Texas booming through the apartment. I heard another station from France that was also pretty loud. I have a lot of experimenting to do:

-change the arrangement of the wire to see what layout is best (the antenna is doing a kind of 'N' shaped zig-zag right now)
-see how well it tunes on the different bands and record what I can hear
-record noise and signal strength levels on the different bands at different times of the day to see what interference I am facing
-do all this in comparison to the Miracle Whip
-try to work some folks that I hear

In other shack news, I need to:

-find a battery charger for my two new 8AH batteries,
-get PowerPoles on the power chord for my new small Astron RS-4A power supply so I can connect it to the large back-up battery
-monitor the repeater on Inauguration day
-order a portable paddle
-write out my notes about off-center fed dipoles more cleanly for future reference
-catch up on the contest schedule
-practice CW
Tags: radio equipment
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