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Wacky wire on the balcony

a sketch of the zig-zag configuration of the balcony wire antenna

Grey lines: my balcony, looking outward
Red line: wire from the Apt 501 window
Orange line: counterpoise from the window antenna
Green: balun from the folded dipole
Blue: a pole that's acting as an anchor point for the wire (rather than using the metal balcony railing)

That's what's out on the balcony at the moment. Wacky, isn't it?

The antenna starts at the balun, which is hanging from the only hook (a flower-pot hook) in the balcony overhang. I discovered a short nail on the opposite side of the balcony overhang, so I looped the wire around that and brought it back over to the other side, taped it to the plastic cap on the pole, and then brought it down over towards to opposite side, where it is fastened with some string and an insulator to keep it from blowing away. The counterpoise/other half of the dipole(?) is held down with a book until I can find something else to keep it from blowing off the balcony floor. Well, it may look bizarre but I heard some nice signals with it.
Tags: pictures, radio equipment

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