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Monday holiday

Today, woke up feeling under the weather. Decided to sleep late and take the day slow.

I started by catching up on email. Next, heated up some goulash that I had stored in the freezer. My neighbor had cooked it for me as a gift when I was very busy and hardly had time to eat. It sure came in handy today, too! Many thanks to her.

After goulash, I cleaned up my room. I had to file papers from my braille study and CTEVH conference planning. Also, my radio desk was covered in assorted antenna books, issues of QST, manuals, and sketches and notes that I had written Friday night.

Once the room was in order, I tackled laundry. There were four loads to be done and it took the rest of the afternoon to finish them. Once that chore was accomplished, I ate a can of chicken soup and curled up on the chair with a book (Freedom for the Blind [PDF]) for two hours. After that, I got a call from a friend, and now I am watching Jaws. I'm feeling much better by now and enjoying a restful evening. As usual, I'm getting a kick out of watching the guys on the boat trying to catch the shark. They are quite an interesting team.
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