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Weekend reading

I spent the entire afternoon yesterday reading. I got the last half of the last Dune novel at the library. Dune is my weakness! I just have to know what will happen to the Kwisatz Haderach...

I can still remember when I read the original Dune novel for the first time.

I was sitting on a couch above a pharmacy in Velika Gorica, Croatia. The very top of the neon-green medical cross sign flickered and glowed at the base of the window behind the television.

I had stolen the book from my father's bookshelf and stuffed it in my luggage before I left. It was one of the only English books that I had. That is, until I found the Algoritam where I bought every Michael Crichton book I could get my hands on. (Those were the days when I planned on becoming a hematologist.)

Enough rambling, I am going to go read more.
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