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Birthday Blessing

I was walking back carefully from work on an inch of ice. Whether it had fallen as sleet or freezing rain, I am not sure. Even at the end of the day there were still patches of the sidewalk that were solid ice from one side to the other. When I had left in the morning, most of the sidewalks were that way.

I looked up to see a vibrant violet sky in the West. In the East, a dark cloud-enveloped sky. It was drizzling rain. The clouds had broken just at the horizon to spill gold upon Union Station. And there, the path of an airplane, which had left its trail in an arch in the sky.

Or, was it a cloud?

It didn't seem to be textured like a plain trail. And it seemed thinner and lighter than a cloud. I watched it as it grew brighter. A path of pure light?

A rainbow! There, at 5:20 pm, the sunken sun was shining through the breach in the clouds and casting a blessing over my trail. The freezing rain was the vehicle by which it darted across the dome of the sky. The rainbow soon had stretched over in a perfect arch and was bright enough for me to distinguish colors. Beautiful! A winter wonder at the edge of nightfall. A wonderful birthday present.

"I set My rainbow in the cloud, and it shall be for the sign of the covenant between Me and the earth." -Genesis 9:13

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