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Recent practice

I've been wanting to improve the consistency of my CW so I can spend less time worry about technique and more time thinking about what to say, so I started a new form of practice. I listen to a track from my Moby Dick CD in Morse code and I send along with it at the same time. I'm starting with the 20 wpm chapters and plan to work my way up to 30 wpm as the code speed increases in the book. I was pretty rusty when I started this yesterday, but quickly fell into rhythm and am making fast progress.

I'm hoping that this will also help me to grow more familiar with common pieces of words so I can then copy easier at fast speeds.

Being distracted by my Dune novel, I haven't done any work on my braille homework in a week. Instead, I've been reading braille magazines (with my fingers) to grow more familiar with the use of the new contractions and the feel of the dots. My reading speed is still extremely slow, but it is getting to the point where I can sound out words steadily, rather than taking about a minute on each letter.

All my practice has fallen behind with the work-related things going on these days. In fact, I have a conference call tonight right before the Super Bowl. Life continues full steam ahead!
Tags: braille, cw, work

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