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Antenna testing

Tonight I am comparing the whip antenna to the wire antenna.

I found a CW QSO between an American and a Mexican during which I had fun adjusting antennas, tuning, and checking out band conditions. I heard the Mexican loud and clear on 40m, with a little fading, but couldn't hear the American at all. It's that long evening 40m skip at work! I'll try not to spent *too* much time outside on the balcony, though it is much warmer than the last time I played with the antennas.

Update [8:35 pm]: Observations from my testing:
  • the other notable stations that I heard were also to the south (Florida and North Carolina); this is interesting when compared to all the KY/TN/IN stations I used to hear from the other apartment

  • the wire (outside) was noticeably quieter than the whip (inside) when I started at 7:00pm, but by 8:30pm, the noise levels were about equal

  • it was easier to reach 1:1 SWR on 20m on the wire, though on both bands, the wire seems pretty well tuned no matter how the tuner was set - that means it must be cut to just about the right length

  • the whip, when tuned, reads at about 1.2:1 SWR

  • heard a lot of slow code this evening, more than what I am used to

Tags: radio equipment

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