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Next Friday is my last day at the temporary job. It began in June 2008 and my, how time has flown! It looks like my next job will be with a contractor in the area of web metrics, which I have really been enjoying the past few months. I've gotten some interesting projects and have enjoyed configuring our user feedback tool in coordination with the departments and the company. It's always fun to see the ways that users interact with our website. The contracting position looks like it will work out, but it isn't official just yet.

This weekend, the Cherry Blossom Festival begins. My family is coming to visit and see the sakura. All of the pear trees are blooming along the street between the Senate Office Buildings and the cherries are just starting to open. I have a feeling that yesterday's rain and today's 60+ degrees will encourage the cherries to spread their wings. Personally, though, I am more exited about seeing my family for the first time since Christmas break! :)

I have a techy question for you guys. Does anyone know anything about XSLT processors?

I am working on a prototype for a personal project and I want to harness the power of XML by storing only one data file and then referencing it in many, many separate pages (with my XSLT stylesheets). Currently without the processor, I need a pair of xml-xsl files to create a single HTML page. I'm finding it irritating because I want to test more than one page, but as I test, I find things in the data structure that I want to change and then I have to change the xml on every page. It's extremely inefficient.

I know that I need an XSLT processor to solve my problem, but I have never used one and have no idea how they function. Do they process the files before I would upload them to the net? Does it live on the server and process stuff ad-hoc? Any info or links would be appreciated!
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