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Recent research projects

Research news:
-My research request regarding the Oceanic is in progress at the British Archives. I have been impatiently awaiting the results since Monday morning.
-Found some new Titanic-related photos in the Harris and Ewing digital collection; will have to wait for the completion of the digitalization to find more because the collection's news index was never completed. Still, I found some really neat things among the 5,000 images currently available.
-Found out which discharge books are being held by the Maritime Museum in Southampton and shared some information on a photo of the crew taken outside LoC.
-Did a bit of research into the Kenilworth Castle. Fred Fleet and Reginald Lee (the lookouts who saw the iceberg) both sailed on this ship in 1913. I was trying to determine if they sailed on this ship at the same time, but wasn't able to find the crew lists for 1913...
-Browsed microfilm copies of the New York Times and Washington Post from April 21-29, 1912 and found another instance of a certain news photo that I am seeking. The copies that I have seen are so poor that I can't determine who is in the photo, even though they are all posing for the camera.
-XML project is still in progress, but on hold since I've been busy in the LoC P&P/News Reading Rooms.
-Found a nice version of the photo of the crew receiving new clothes after the disaster on wikimedia and checking to see if the fellow in the middle row, 3rd or 4th from the left, is a quartermaster.

Other news:
-My flat mate has pneumonia :(
-Gave a presentation about my web metrics work to my current department and then celebrated with cake.
-Missed a meeting today because I had not been notified of a room change.
-Ate a 10 minute lunch of soup because I spent all of my lunch break in the P&P Reading Room!
-Was treated to lunch this week by the two archivists who sit near me and two of my office co-workers.
-Tons of paperwork and voice mails await me this weekend.
-All the pear and cherry trees are in full bloom on Capitol Hill; weather is wet and cool.
-Been enjoying cheesecakes that my mom left me from the family visit last weekend :)
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