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Summary of news

Not much news to report here.

The new job is going smoothly and is off to a good start. I'm already working on some independent projects and back to compiling 1000+ spreadsheets to manage classifications and data. Web metrics can make use of taxonomies, too.

Research is going well and I've been digging into some things that I hadn't looked at before. I've read the testimonies of the able seamen so many times that the details are finally starting to sink in to my memory. The research request at the British Archives is still pending and I still am struggling with boat lists, but even so, I'm having a great time learning about these 32 sailing men.

This past week I also caught up on phone calls to grandparents and my brother, all of whom I had not talked to in a while. I also got the laundry done, which was quite a chore, as always. It was a quick week and I am not quite sure where it went...

The daffodils and tulips are still looking lovely on Capitol Hill.
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