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Measuring shadows

I have copies of a couple photos taken on Capitol Hill between April 22-April 26, 1912. For some, I know the date, but not the time. For others, I have some idea of the time, but not the date. Newspapers give me some clues about the weather. There wouldn't be shadows on a rainy, overcast day! The length of the shadows are another clue, which can help to approximate time of day. I'm reassembling the story piece by piece using multi-format primary sources. It's a lot of fun.

In other news, work is going well, and it has gotten very busy. Last Tuesday I had orientation with the contracting company from 9-2 in Arlington. The following day, we had our large user training session with one metrics company and then a demo with another. Fifteen minutes to 5 pm, the alarm went off. I am still expected to report to my old department's emergency location until I get a new desk, so I had to rush out and down all the stairs to get outside and to my station. Upon arriving, I found out that it was not a drill and I ended up standing outside the Library until shortly after 6 pm while most everyone else went home (having brought their things with them). Friday I spent the entire day running reports. Work and research are keeping me busy.

I'm expecting some journal articles on Quartermaster Rowe to arrive in the mail sometime this coming week or next. The Archives should also be getting in touch with me Monday or Tuesday. And the teaberry ice cream will probably disappear by the end of the weekend, what with the 90 degree temperatures we have at the moment!
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