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Back to the Library! (also, boats!)

Even though today is Saturday, I'm going back to the Library!

I'm looking for a photograph of a group of the surviving seamen from Titanic in an old magazine as well as some books about the different passenger liners operating out of Southampton, England. I think I decided to try to do the research in the main reading room. I've never been in that room before. I hope I can request a bound serial there, otherwise I may have to cross the street and go to the Newspaper Reading Room.

In other exciting news, I may be heading down to the docks sometime soon to help with sailing boat maintenance. I joined the National Maritime Heritage Foundation and hope to get the opportunity to volunteer on boat maintenance. I'm in the process of scheduling a meeting to discuss the work and how volunteering works. This sounds like it could be the first step in becoming a sailor! One by one, I'm whittling down my to-do list :)

I had better get going. It's already 7:30 am!
Tags: history, sailing

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