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Memorial Day weekend

Dim yellow sun rolls back and forth behind the hill, behind the barn, over the field, along the ridge. Patches of thin fog rise up from the gaps in the mountains as we drive out of Pennsylvania. It is warm, and a storm is chasing our heels. A sudden rain shower, then all clear. The traffic is light and the drive smooth as we return to Maryland. I am officially a resident of Maryland now.

I had a very nice time in Pennsylvania this past weekend. I was able to visit grandparents at home and in Gettysburg, as well as friends from church. It was wonderful to see everyone again! We sat out on the porch waiting for the rain, and when evening fell we were caught with our cokes and a rambling TV in the background. The Susquehanna Valley falls quietly and gently into night as the deer come out into the fields. The soybeans have just been planted and are peeking up green. In Gettysburg, my grandmother's garden is full of large broccoli and onions. Her yams and potatoes look very nice, but the rabbits got a hold of many of the pea plants. They're going to put a canopy over the blueberries so the birds can't get to them - a trick they learned after some disappointments last year. Wooden beams are in place to serve as a home for the lima bean vines and the grape vines are full of young grapes. The fish and dogs are healthy. The cats were happy to see us, too! There's nothing quite like home. Many thanks to my parents for traveling all the way to pick me up :) When can we do it again? I already miss that beer chicken and peanut butter ice cream!

This weekend's plans include:
-CQ Prefix CW contest (Friday night-Saturday morning)
-Boat maintenance at the docks (Sunday)
-Crew list transcription?
-Setting up an appointment with NARA to review some records?
-Ebay auction excitement
Tags: family, home, weekend

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