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Boat cleaning and radio operating

Friday-Saturday were spent at a nice amateur radio station where I had the chance to operate in a world-wide CW contest. I got some coaching and assistance when I missed something in the exchange, but I did do quite a bit of operating. The first contact I made without any assistance or oversight was with a station in America. The second was a ham in the Czech Republic. My hosts were very gracious and all the operators were wonderfully helpful! My thanks to all for the great opportunity. It was a lot of fun and I quickly got better at copying numbers.

Sunday, I spent the day with a scrub brush, soap, and a hose cleaning a small fleet of sailboats. It was hard work out in the hot sun for us boat-cleaners, but we all had fun! The boats look very nice. I'll be taking sailing lessons in one of them in July. I'm pretty excited about that.
Tags: cw, sailing, weekend

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