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I woke up to a strange sound this morning. The window glowed with the cool warm light of a cloudy dawn. Yet, the window flashed. And the thunder rolled. I looked over at the clock - 6:00 am. Lightning splashed and thunder crashed. Less than a mile away.

I can't remember the last time that I experienced a thunderstorm at dawn. In the Susquehanna valley, storms seem to come only in the late afternoons or at night after the sun has set. I remember many afternoons running out to watch the white clouds amass in splendor and then explode in fury. The wind before a storm is always so cool and so quick. The clouds after the storm throw the western light into all shades of the spectrum and all directions of the compass.

This afternoon when I left work, it was storming again. A wall of charcoal fell over us from the north. The buildings on the Hill stood out as white against the churning sky. I watched it in wonder, but hurried as quickly as I could to Union Station. I didn't like the look of those mixing clouds edged in sharp silver. When the metro emerged, it surfaced into a downpour.

Flurry of pollen, dripping of lightning, storm riding the sky. That was the weather in DC today. From dawn past dusk.
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