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This past weekend, we've had a full apartment. My flatmate's mother, friend, friend's mother, and friend's sister have all come over. It's nice to have such a full and noisy apartment when the place is normally so large and empty. We have stayed up late every night chatting, joking, shooting the breeze, telling funny stories, and catching up on news. Some knit, some snack, some lounge across the couch. Half of us are hams. And while everyone has known one another for years and years, I still feel welcomed, as though I'd been a part of the family since I was a child, too. The love of Christ really shines in them all.

Yesterday we went to a Celtic Festival. My flatmate performed a few Irish dances and did quite well! I was really impressed and had a lot of fun. I also enjoyed fish and chips and a slice of frozen-chocolate-covered-cheesecake. We also saw a lot of neat vendors. My favorite was the musical instrument booth. I was *this close* to buying a bodhran drum, but I decided against it for now. My CW and sailing hobbies threatened jealousy. So learning the bodhran will be added to the "to do" list for later. I can just imagine the family reunions with Cousin Sean on the bagpipes and me on the bodhran :P Dad will have to practice up and bring the banjo. Of course, my brother will also have to select an instrument. Perhaps he would be good on the Irish pipes or the harp? I saw an Irish harp at the Celtic Festival and was stunned by the sound of it. The tones that it can produce are nothing short of wonderful! I have not heard anything so rich and clear in a long time. It resonated with the County Cork soul in me. Still, the many years of techno and sea chanties make the bodhran seem pretty appealing to me at the moment. I did take their business card, so now I know what to put on my Christmas list :)

In other news, the recent Titanic research is contributing decently to the story. My draft is over 100 pages at the moment. The only reason that it is so long is due to the fact that I've inserted page breaks at the start of each new chapter. Some chapters include only brief notes about events and no actual text. Other chapters are pretty well fleshed out. It's coming along. The only purpose of the "story" is to assemble a bunch of historical pieces into one perspective. I don't know if it will ever truly be finished, but it has been something that I have wanted to do for a very long time, if only so I can understand just a little bit of what it was like for these people.
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