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Too close

I was in a hurry to get home today, since I had a meeting at 6 pm. I normally reach Union Station at about 20 past 5, but today I got there a little early.

I was just coming up to Columbus Circle when I heard a lot of police cars. I tried to see where they were coming from and I saw a white car pull up behind two sitting at the light in the inner circle. The car honked for them to get out of the way. They just started to move when I saw a flashing police car scream around the corner behind them. About then I noticed that there was another officer on foot running as fast as he could in that same direction. I waited a few moments before crossing the intersection, wondering what was going on. Everyone at Union Station stood looking out toward the circle.

I got home to find out that there had been a shooting only a couple blocks away, probably just a few minutes after I got into Union Station. I am still not sure what had happened, but the man was armed and was killed after evading the police by car and then apparently either firing on the police or else not surrendering his weapon. I didn't hear the shots, but many tourists were around the area and they had to run for safety.

Between this and metro, I'm thinking about shipping to sea for a while. But the cruise line operating out of Baltimore is looking for A/V people and the local schooner only takes day sails, so I guess I will stick around here for a while!
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