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Ah! The sound of rain

Rumble, a distant voice
Stirs the air of the room
Ah! the sound of rain

The glass of gingerale is just about empty and the tea mug stands half full. Crew lists are stacked on the other side of the table. The stuffed squid is here, too, to keep an eye on things. My third set of transcriptions is just about done and I am ready for a snack. I just finished editing an email. It's amazing how sometimes it takes many minutes or hours to make sense of some thought in writing.

While the weather had been cool for many weeks, it's gotten warm the past few days. Today we had rain showers pass through off and on. I stopped to admire a rainbow on my way home -- a double bow and very brilliantly colored! This evening, a couple storms are moving through and the rumbling is just enough to encourage me to unplug the laptop from the wall. And here comes the lightning, flickering through the shades. The lullaby of a summer night rain is so sweet.
Tags: creation, food, poetry, random

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