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Another weekend of sail and study

I spent Saturday on the water. We had two sails, the first beginning at about 3 pm and the second beginning around 7 pm.

I had about half an hour of down time before the first sail, so I busied myself on the floating docks by coiling up misplaced lines and tidying up the small sailboats. During both sails, I was charged with the helm while the crew raised and lowered the sails. While we aren't moving very quickly during this time, it can be a little tricky. Simultaneously, one needs to 1.) keep the boat steady on her course, 2.) avoid any other boats that may be sailing around, 3.) keep her head into the wind so the sails don't swing about and throw the crew into the river. Juggling all three while maintaining a course can be a bit tough, especially when the wind changes, which it frequently does on the Potomac. I also learned the importance of the buoy and channel markers this past weekend. Some parts of the river are quite shallow, and it would not be good if I grounded our little schooner! So the rule is "red-right-returning." If we are returning back to port from the sea, then we keep the red buoy on the right side of the ship. Vice-versa if we are headed out to sea.

Today I went to church, where I learned about Paul's interaction with the church at Corinth. I then tagged along with everyone for lunch at an Indian restaurant. Returning back here, I found a map of the Potomac River (Chart 12289) and I've been reviewing it so I will be more familiar with the depths in the various parts of the river.

I'm not sure about plans for this evening. I may go to bed early, or I may play some of The Dig, or I may talk with my flat-mate, or I may email people to whom I owe messages.
Tags: church, sailing

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