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Some radio fun

I've noticed a marked improvement in my CW copying recently while listening to Moby-Dick. I think the code has taken a while to really settle into my brain, but it is settling into place.

I need to get back on the air. I was reading my posts from last year and suddenly got the urge to grab the radio and go for a walk. But as it is 9 pm and I have sailing lessons in the morning, that seemed like an unwise idea. Maybe I'll get on the repeater tomorrow afternoon and surprise everybody! Or maybe I will be so exhausted that I will take a nap, instead. We'll see what tomorrow brings.

In any case, I do need to read the instruction manual for my external battery charger so I can get over my paranoia of these nice batteries that I have been given to use with my rig. I have actually used them, but I have yet to figure out how to recharge them. At least I got over my fear of the little internal battery - the one that gives me between 1-3 hours of operating time. That tiny power chord connection was pretty intimidating, and I still find it weird that the thing takes 8 hours to recharge, but at least it is now being used and not causing me any mischief. I've just been using the Astron to supply me power and keep that battery charged.

Well, 6:30 am is going to come awfully early. I'm going to snack on some bread & raspberry jam and then head to bed.
Tags: cw, radio equipment

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